Good governance: Nigeria needs special budget for leadership training, says GOTNI

An economic think thank under the aegis of GOTNI Leadership Centre had called on the Federal Government to have special budgetary allocation for leadership training in order to achieve good governance in Nigeria.

The organization believed that no nation can achieve good governance anchored on integrity, competence and accountability without sterling leadership.

The Founder of the Centre, Dr. Linus Okorie, made the suggestion during a mentorship class of over 40 budding leaders under the auspices of News Engineering Limited in Abuja.

The former governorship contender said on his part, there would be a marathon leadership tutelage for Nigerians so as to change the negative perspective of governance and rulership.

Okorie said, “The GOTNI Leadership Centre is proud to have the partnership of News Engineering Limited to celebrate their 40th year of existence.
What that means is that New Engineering decided to select 40 young leaders from engineering and construction.

“What it also means is that these young leaders who are literally have some high level of technical skills but will come to GOTNI and spend a couple of days to study the concept of leadership.

“The concept of building their leadership confidence in order for them to deliver their technical skills more effectively and efficiently. News Engineering has funded at least 40 young people out of the over 600 people that applied and we selected 15 extra just to say they were able to invest heavily in the lives of these young people.

“What we will do is that we will develop the construction and technology industries in such a way that we will have people who are competent to deliver this country from waste.

“So, in my thinking this is one of the best things that is happening in this country where leaders are thinking of investing in the lives of young people who are the next generation of leaders, who are going to be building companies and corporations that would supply engineering and construction works with human capital really needed.

“For me my thinking is that every country or nation that wants to make progress must create budget that will focus on leadership development of their citizens because once you have high level leadership capital they do great things.

“Great things can be done when you have leaders impact their leadership skills. For us at GOTNI, we will continue to provide opportunities for young leaders from all segment of the economy to deepen their leadership capital needed.

“These are leadership principles that can change nations and institutions that must be sustained. We have a government that will place premium on leadership capital, performance, emotional intelligence and executive intelligence.

“If you put all of these together, imagine a Nigeria every person understands leadership capital and they are visionary and they have integrity and honour to drive things, do you know that this country will be transformed.

“Our campaign is for leadership advocacy at all levels and government must begin to put the right investment.
We call on other companies to emulate News Engineering Limited.”

Also, Chief Executive Officer of News Engineering Limited, Lady Josephine Nweze, said the sponsorship of 40 aspiring leaders was a way of giving back to the society and to mark the 40th anniversary of the firm.

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