Rivers Political Crisis: Rival factions mobilize support amid unrest

As Rivers State grapples with a deepening political crisis, rival factions are intensifying their campaigns to rally support for their respective leaders.

In a significant development, the Simplicity Movement, led by Sobomabo Jackrich, the 2023 governorship candidate of the National Rescue Movement, has pledged its unwavering support for Governor Sim Fubara.

On Friday, the Simplicity Movement staged a large-scale march through Buguma, the headquarters of the Asari-Toru Local Government Area, demonstrating their solidarity with Governor Fubara.

The group, determined to bolster the governor’s position, has announced plans to tour all twenty-three local government areas in the state to gather widespread backing.

Amid chants and banners, members of the Simplicity Movement expressed their belief that Governor Fubara is being unfairly targeted.

During the rally, the caretaker Chairman of Asari-Toru LGA, Orolosama Amachree, and Sobomabo Jackrich articulated their reasons for standing by Fubara. They emphasized the importance of supporting an Ijaw leader during these turbulent times and called on opponents to cease their disruptions.

In a show of organizational strength, the group also inaugurated its executive members across the twenty-three LGAs before continuing their demonstration through the streets of Buguma.

This march comes in response to recent solidarity movements in favor of former Governor Nyesom Wike.

On Monday, former LGA chairmen and other stakeholders held marches across various LGAs to express their support for Wike, who is now the FCT Minister.

The ongoing political standoff has led to a series of protests and counter-protests, leaving residents in a state of uncertainty.

As both sides continue to mobilize their bases, the path to a peaceful resolution remains unclear.

The people of Rivers State eagerly await an end to the unrest, hoping it will pave the way for effective governance and stability.

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