South Kitchen & Lounge opens in Abeokuta, serves US sea foods, others

Segun Ayinde, Abeokuta

South Kitchen & Lounge, a restaurant, is now opened in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, to serve customers drinks and a variety of delicious food especially those from the South-South part of the country and the United States of America seafoods.

The Chief Executive Officer of the restaurant, Mr Olasupo Oladeinde, said that he decided to establish the restaurant in Abeokuta, to serve the people of the state food that is not common to them such as Edikainkong, Afia Efere from Rivers and Akwa Ibom states of the South-South region and US seafood boil recipe.

Oladeinde explained that although food including rice, Amala, Eba from Southwest region of the country would be served, but his restaurant is looking at other kind of food to draw the attention of customers from the state to experience different taste of foods in order to have competitive advantage over other kitchen in the state.

He went further to explain that he came back from USA to open the South Kitchen & Lounge located at Providence Mall, MKO Abiola Way, not very far from Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library,(OOPL) Abeokuta, on June 14, 2024, because he wanted to break the jinx of ‘Japa’ syndrome, insisting that the youth can’t build a better Nigeria by running to foreign country for greener pastures.

In his remarks about the lounge, the CEO said that the lounge is a place where people can come over for relaxation, birthdays, parties, small events, to have different types of alcoholic drinks and beverages as well to enjoy sonorous music, noting that he set up the restaurant to give people of the state a top notch eatery and relaxation centre.

He said” We decided to establish this restaurant because we want people in Abeokuta to have different experiences when it comes to dining. We want to bring things that are beyond Ogun State that people don’t have access to like fisherman soups, the seafood boil, Edikainkan not the regular Yoruba bolus food like Amala.

“This is the first of its kind in Abeokuta and we have the lounge and a restaurant. The lounge is for relaxation, maybe small events, birthday parties and also for exclusive members that want to patronise us. The kitchen is focused on serving customers food of different fusion from different cultures.

“It is going to be food that is not served in Abeokuta here, but we are looking to serve people food from Rivers State or Akwa Ibom, food from Southern part of the US – the Sea food boil and not necessarily the Southwest food but food that people are longing for here and no other establishment serves it.”

“The advantage is that we are best in class in what we do and we are looking to serve people in a fine dining environment as you can see our atmosphere is Serene and also luxurious in the sense. Our kitchen is top notch and our chef is highly recognised and our taste is different, our quantity is largest when it come to portion size. We have affordable prices.”

“When we post our restaurant on social media people say waoh is this in Lagos and I think that is disrespect to Abeokuta that we can’t have this in Ogun State .We are hoping that in the next two years this will be the least, treating people right, our food are healthy, most of our food are seafood based, the pawns, the sails, the goat meat, we have the Oliver twist platter et.c. and we have chilled cool beer.” he added.

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