Governors’ Forum promises improved minimum wage amid ongoing negotiations

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum has assured Nigerians and the organized labor that ongoing negotiations will lead to a better minimum wage.

Previously, the governors had rejected the Federal Government’s N62,000 proposal, arguing that some states would need to borrow money to cover salaries.

Despite this, organized labor continues to push for a wage of N250,000.

The governors convened an emergency meeting after the Federal Executive Council postponed the minimum wage discussion on Tuesday to allow President Bola Tinubu to conduct broader consultations.

In a communiqué issued after the emergency meeting, signed by NGF acting Director of Media Ahmed Salihu, the Forum discussed various national issues, including the new national minimum wage, and agreed to continue engaging with key stakeholders to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

It read, “The Forum received a presentation from the Minister of Women Affairs on the World Bank-Nigeria for Women Project Scale-Up, along with other activities of the ministry. Members noted the importance of the project and emphasized the need to implement it at the state level as initially conceived, as the states are the primary obligors of the project.

“The governors acknowledge the work and contributions of the Ministry of Women Affairs in promoting gender equality, empowering women, and advancing social development across Nigeria.

“The Forum discussed the new National Minimum Wage. The governors agreed to continue engaging with key stakeholders to reach a mutually agreeable solution. We remain dedicated to the process and assure that better wages will result from the ongoing negotiations.”

The 36 state governors emphasized the importance of the World Bank-Nigeria for Women Project scale-up and underscored the need to implement it at the state level as initially planned, since states are the primary entities responsible for the project.

The communique added ” We, members of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), at our meeting held today, deliberated on issues affecting the country.

“Members received the Acting Country Director of the World Bank, Mr. Taimur Samad, and his team to discuss the bank’s various programmes currently being implemented in the states, including HOPE Series of Projects: Nigeria Human Capital Opportunities for Prosperity and Equality, Food and Nutrition Security, NFWP-SU: Nigeria For Women Project Scale Up, NG-CARES: Nigeria Community Action (for) Resilience and Economic Stimulus Programme SABER: State Action on Business Enabling Reforms Program, SPIN: Sustainable Power and Irrigation for Nigeria Project.

“Members expressed willingness to continue to provide the much-needed support to ensure programme effectiveness across the country.

“Members received a briefing from Mr. Taiwo Oyedele, Chairman of the Presidential Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms Committee. He highlighted the progress made regarding the ongoing Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms. He sought the input and support of their excellencies on a number of proposals which would directly impact the subnational level of government.

“Members pledged their support for the Committee to ensure the successful implementation of these reforms and to collaborate closely to address any challenges that may arise.”

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