Ghana faces 21-day power outage due to gas supply shortage from Nigeria

Ghana is bracing for a significant disruption in its electricity supply as a result of reduced gas imports from Nigeria, prompting a 21-day power outage across the country.

The announcement came in a joint statement issued on June 13 by the Ghana Grid Company LTD (GRIDCO) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

According to GRIDCO and ECG, the reduction in gas supply from Nigeria, which commenced on June 12, 2024, has already led to intermittent power cuts in various parts of Ghana.

The West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCO) clarified that the shortage is due to ongoing maintenance by a Nigerian gas supplier, expected to last for three weeks.

In their statement, GRIDCO and ECG explained, “The maintenance has caused a reduction in overall power generation capacity in Ghana which could result in load management over the period of the work.”

Despite the challenges posed by the gas supply shortfall, both companies assured the public of their commitment to mitigating the impact on consumers.

They affirmed ongoing efforts to collaborate with stakeholders across the power sector to optimize available resources during this period.

Expressing regret for the inconvenience caused, GRIDCO and ECG apologized to Ghanaian residents and emphasized their dedication to minimizing disruptions as much as possible.

“We are collaborating with other stakeholders in the power value chain to optimise available resources to ensure minimal impact of the reduction in gas supply on consumers,” they stated.

The outage underscores the vulnerability of Ghana’s power sector to external factors such as supply chain disruptions, highlighting the need for robust contingency planning and diversified energy sources to safeguard against future interruptions.

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