Zamfara Gov Laments: Police, military’s approach to banditry frustrating

Dauda Lawal, the governor of Zamfara State, has voiced unhappiness with federal security services’ lethargic approach to combating the state’s banditry increase.

During a live interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily show on Tuesday, Governor Lawal addressed the problems that state governments confront in combating insecurity, underlining the need of taking a proactive approach.

The governor cited the establishment of the state security force, Community Protection Guards, in January as a reaction to the incompetence of federal security services.

He decried state governments’ lack of authority over the military and police forces, saying, “We, as governors, don’t have control over the military, the police, or civil defense.”

Governor Lawal criticized the apparent lack of political will to solve security challenges, implying that political influences may influence the efficiency of security operations.

He said, “There are a lot of political undertones to the security issues in the state.”

Despite his efforts to interact with security organizations and request help, the governor was frustrated by the lack of real results, saying, “When you need these people, they are nowhere to be found.”

Lawal emphasized the critical necessity for rapid action to combat banditry, claiming that with the correct political will, the threat could be eliminated within two weeks.

However, he regretted the lack of such political commitment, saying, “We can take care of the situation, but the political will is not there.”

The governor also expressed worry about covert agreements with bandits by some persons, claiming that political opponents may be involved in back-channel contacts without his knowledge.

Despite these hurdles, Lawal remains steadfast in his determination to combat insecurity in Zamfara State.

Furthermore, the governor emphasized the role of state police in improving security operations and reducing criminal activity.

He emphasized the importance of constitutional modifications that empower state-owned security agencies, underlining their ability to supplement federal efforts in addressing insecurity.

Governor Lawal’s words, given the ongoing talks around the creation of state police, highlight the importance of enacting comprehensive steps to address the security concerns confronting Zamfara State and the nation as a whole.

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