NPFL Title Race Heats Up: Who has easiest route to lift trophy?

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With just four matches remaining in the NPFL season, the title race is intensifying as clubs battle for supremacy.

Rangers, currently topping the table with 61 points, find themselves only two points ahead of Enyimba, while several other contenders remain within striking distance.

Let’s analyze which club has the easiest route to clinching the coveted title.

Rangers’ Remaining Fixtures

Rangers managed to hold Sporting Lagos to a goalless draw away, maintaining their lead at the top. However, their path to the title is fraught with challenges. Their next three fixtures are against Enyimba, Shooting Stars, and Insurance – all formidable opponents in the league. Each match promises to be a tough test, especially with Enyimba and Shooting Stars also fighting for top honors.

Enyimba’s Remaining Fixtures

Enyimba, trailing Rangers by just two points, have their work cut out for them as well. They face Rangers in a crucial clash that could potentially decide the title race. Following that, they go up against Bayelsa United and Sporting Lagos. While Bayelsa United and Sporting Lagos might present slightly less daunting challenges, the key match against Rangers could either solidify their title ambitions or derail them entirely.

Remo Stars’ Remaining Fixtures

Remo Stars, another strong contender, have a comparatively favorable schedule. Their next three matches are against Lobi Stars, Heartland, and Sunshine Stars. All three opponents are currently lower in the table, which might give Remo Stars an edge. If they can capitalize on these fixtures, they could leapfrog into contention and make a serious push for the title.

Shooting Stars’ Remaining Fixtures

Shooting Stars also remain in the mix but face a challenging set of fixtures. They will take on Rivers United, Rangers, and Bayelsa United in their next three matches. With both Rangers and Rivers United presenting significant hurdles, Shooting Stars will need to be at their very best to stay in the title race.


Analyzing the remaining fixtures, Remo Stars appear to have the easiest route to the title with their upcoming matches against lower-ranked teams. However, the unpredictable nature of football means anything can happen, and the matches against supposedly weaker teams are by no means guaranteed wins.

Rangers and Enyimba face tougher schedules, but their head-to-head clash will be pivotal. A victory for either side could shift the momentum significantly.

Meanwhile, Shooting Stars must navigate a difficult path if they are to keep their title hopes alive.

As the season draws to a close, fans can expect thrilling encounters and potential twists in the race for the NPFL title.

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