Monogamy doesn’t work, Seun Kuti says, asks men to marry multiple wives

Nigerian musician Seun Kuti has stirred controversy by criticizing monogamy, asserting it “doesn’t work.”

He advocates for polygamy, suggesting that men should embrace having multiple partners.

While speaking on the ‘Bahd & Boujee’ podcast, the father of one argued that having multiple women signifies power and affluence.

“Monogamy doesn’t work. As a powerful man, you must have the support of numerous powerful goddesses. You know, women that are in your life because the ancestors want to put them there. You share with them,” he said.

Also, the singer mentioned that despite marrying 27 women in a single day, his late father, the Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti, had over 100 concubines.

The singer and saxophonist is married to his Chef wife, Yetunde Kuti.

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