Mohbad’s dad insists on DNA test for grandson before singer’s burial

Joseph Aloba, father of the late Nigerian singer, Illerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, insists on a DNA test for his grandson before son’s burial.

Recall that the singer’s body was exhumed for autopsy after public outcry over his controversial death, but the autopsy couldn’t determine the cause.

While reacting in an interview with TVC, Aloba, however, refused to bury his son until a DNA test confirms the paternity of his grandson, Liam.

“I have to do the DNA [on Mohbad’s son] before the burial. I’m doubting the (paternity of Mohbad’s) son also. Sometimes she (Mohbad’s wife) will leave home for 3 days without the consent of the husband.”

On the allegations that he is wearing Mohbad’s clothes and trying to inherit his properties, Aloba said, “When Mohbad was alive, we were friends. If he buys clothes for himself, he would also buy for me.

“Since his death, I have never gone to his house. I have never gone there for anything. But some people misinterpreted things. So, whenever they see me with a shirt, they say it is Mohbad’s. Is it compulsory that it must be from my son? I have my own clothes too,” he said.

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