Kano Emirship: Gov Yusuf defies court order hands Sanusi reinstatement letter

Amidst a legal tussle and a contentious court order, the Governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, defiantly reinstated Lamido Sanusi as Emir of Kano.

The move comes despite a Federal High Court injunction restraining the governor and the state government from implementing the new emirate law, under which Sanusi was reinstated.

The saga unfolded on Thursday when the state House of Assembly passed a law dissolving the four emirates carved out of the Kano emirate in 2019, subsequently removing the emirs.

Governor Yusuf promptly assented to the bill, signaling Sanusi’s return to the throne.

However, Justice AM Liman issued an order halting the implementation of the law, pending the hearing of the substantive case. Aminu Dan’agundi, a title holder in the Kano emirate, initiated the legal challenge against the government’s decision.

In a surprising turn of events, Governor Yusuf proceeded to present a reinstatement letter to Sanusi on Friday, justifying his actions by questioning the legitimacy of the court order.

He argued that Justice Liman, who issued the injunction, was not physically present in Nigeria at the time of the ruling, casting doubt on its validity.

Expressing his frustration, the governor vowed to report the judge to the Nigeria Governors’ Forum for what he perceived as an abuse of court orders.

He emphasized the importance of adhering to due process while condemning what he deemed as judicial overreach.

Meanwhile, amidst the legal and political turmoil, Sanusi received his letter of reappointment and is poised to resume his duties at the emir’s palace.

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