ICC: Sack Wike as FCT Minister now, group tells President Tinubu

Tom Garba

A group under Concerned Citizens of Nigeria Umbrella Nationwide has accused the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barr Nyesome Wike, of being vindictive and capable of dividing Nigeria along regional and ethnic lines.

The group, during a world press conference addressed by Dr Joseph Jabani in FESTAC, Lagos cried for justice on behalf of Integrated Facilities Management Services Ltd ( IFMSL) Under the good management of Its Managing Director Senator Abubakar Ahmed MoAllayidi, whose contract with Abuja Investments Company Ltd (AICL) was illegally revoked.

Jabani said the implications of revoking the contract with IFML are dire, both domestically and internationally.

According to him domestically, it sends a message of instability and unpredictability to investors, shaking their confidence in the Nigerian government’s commitment to honoring contracts and fostering a conducive business environment.

And the International implications according to Jabani it tarnishes Nigeria’s reputation as a reliable partner for investment and collaboration.

“Overseas investors, who have been eyeing opportunities in Nigeria, may now reconsider their plans in light of this abrupt decision, leading to potential loss of investment and stunted economic growth.” He said

Called President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Senate president, Speaker Federal House of Representatives, Traditional Leaders, Council of Oba’s chiefs southern Region and the good people of Nigeria, about the unfriendly and aggressive tactics employed by Barrister Nyesom Wike in superintending over the FCT.

“His pattern of finding faults and instigating conflicts with thriving businesses based on personal interests and differences is not only alarming but detrimental to the economic growth and stability of the FCT.

” We are calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and leaders of thought and good Nigerians to intervene in this matter and uphold the integrity of the contract with Integrated Facilities management services (IFML) Continuing the partnership with IFML is not just a matter of business but a demonstration of Nigeria’s commitment to honoring agreements and fostering a conducive environment for both local and international investors.

“We call upon the government to uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability in governance and to ensure that individuals like Minister Wike, who prioritize personal interests over the welfare of the nation, are held accountable for their actions.

“It is imperative that we protect the interests of businesses and investors in the FCT and create an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and prosperity for all. Minister Wike’s actions have no place in a government that seeks to promote progress and development, and it is time for the federal government to take decisive action to remedy this situation.” Jabani Stated

The text signed by Jabani continued to read that:

“Wike’s penchant for taking illegal and extra-judicial actions against businesses and individuals not only undermines the rule of law but also works directly against the interests of the federal government. His actions create an atmosphere of uncertainty and hostility that is detrimental to investment and development in the FCT.

“Nyesom Wike, in his usual combative style had announced in the media the purported cancellations of the facility management of the International Conference Center, for no justifications nor adherence to due process. Much as there was no justifications and fair-hearing, this purported action by Mr Wike is at best illegal, punitive, totally strange and at variance with any known protocols and procedures of handling such matters.

“For some years now, Integrated Facilities management services Limited (IFMSL) has diligently and effectively managed the International Conference Center, ensuring its smooth operation and upkeep. Under their stewardship, the center has flourished, becoming a beacon of excellence in hosting international conferences, events, and gatherings.

“The work of Integrated Facilities management services Ltd (IFMSL) has not only been exemplary but also crucial for the growth and development of Nigeria. Their dedication to maintaining the International Conference Center at the highest standards has attracted local and overseas investors, boosting economic activity and fostering international relations.

“The federal government must take swift and decisive make Barrister Wike to respect law and order, as well as contractual agreements and processes in the FCT ministry. Allowing him to continue unchecked will only lead to further erosion of investor confidence and cripple the potential for economic growth and prosperity in the federal capital territory.

“In conclusion, we further urge Mr. President to consider the long-term implications of this decision and act in the best interest of Nigeria’s economic prosperity and international standing.
Thank you so much for coming.”

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