I was barred performing in Nigeria due to ‘indecent dressing’ — Tiwa Savage

Amazing Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage recently shared that upon returning to Nigeria from the United Kingdom to pursue her music career, she faced obstacles performing at concerts due to her outfits being deemed “too risqué.”

The mother of one also mentioned that some of her early music videos were not aired because they were considered indecent.

The ‘Water and Garri’ artiste revealed these challenges in a recent interview with BET.

“When I first moved back, I would turn up at a show and they would say I can’t perform because my outfit was too risqué.

“It was a cultural issue. Even some of my first music videos were not played on the television because they were considered indecent. I wasn’t even wearing bikinis.

“Despite the setbacks, I was still stubborn. My dresses were getting more revealing. It was just getting worse. They were bashing me online.

“It was funny because the females were secretly falling in love with me and my style. They couldn’t deny.

“My fanbase, my followers, was growing. So, they had to put me on shows and play my music because there was a demand for it,” she said.

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