How my ex ended our relationship after I pecked female friend, Spyro reveals

Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, widely known as Spyro, has shared how his Canadian girlfriend broke up with him after he pecked a female friend.

The singer described the heartbreak as “quite painful,” leading him to develop a dislike for Canada.

He mentioned that he had already purchased an engagement ring to propose to her before the breakup.

Spyro shared that he now feels “healed” thanks to a series of messages from his pastor.” ‘

“Canada I want to be honest today… The reason why I have pushed this tour this far is because I was still healing from a serious heartbreak from one of your girls there.

“Quite painful as I saw a future with us …already bought a ring and all of a sudden she ended it and for what, because a female friend pecked me after I bought her something she needed and I wanted to be open so I told her and that led to a series of events that ended the relationship,” he said.

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