Finidi George calls up Kenneth Igboke to replace injured Osimhen

In a significant roster change, Super Eagles head coach Finidi George has announced the inclusion of Enugu Rangers’ left-back Kenneth Igboke into the national team.

This decision comes in response to the unfortunate injury of star forward Victor Osimhen, who has been ruled out of action for the next four weeks.

Osimhen, who plays for Napoli in Italy’s Serie A, sustained an injury during his club’s recent match.

Medical evaluations confirmed that he will need a month to recover, leaving a gap in the Super Eagles’ attacking lineup.

His absence is a significant blow, given his pivotal role and recent form, which has seen him as a key contributor to both club and country.

Kenneth Igboke’s call-up marks a notable development for the young defender, who has been impressive in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) this season.

Igboke’s solid performances for Enugu Rangers have not gone unnoticed, and his versatility on the field is seen as a valuable asset for the national team.

While traditionally a left-back, Igboke’s adaptability allows him to contribute effectively in various defensive roles, providing Coach George with additional tactical options.

Coach Finidi George expressed confidence in Igboke’s abilities, stating, “Kenneth has shown tremendous potential and consistency in his performances. While Victor’s injury is unfortunate, it provides an opportunity for Kenneth to step up and showcase his talent on the international stage. We believe in his capability to deliver when it matters.”

The Super Eagles are set to face crucial World Cup qualifier fixtures in the coming weeks, the team will rely on both seasoned players and new talents like Igboke to secure victories and maintain their competitive edge.

Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how Igboke will integrate into the squad and contribute to the Super Eagles’ campaign.

His debut at the international level will be closely watched, as he aims to make a lasting impression and solidify his place in the team.

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