Ex-Gov Bafarawa recounts ordeal as bandits force him from 10,000 hectares Kaduna farm

Attahiru Bafarawa, former Governor of Sokoto State, has opened up about the harrowing impact of banditry in the northern region, revealing how he was forced to abandon his expansive farmland in Kaduna State due to insecurity.

In a candid interview with journalists, Bafarawa painted a grim picture of the dire situation faced by farmers in the face of escalating banditry, which has led to widespread displacement and economic disruption.

“I used to have farmland, which is over 10,000 hectares in Birni Gwari of Kaduna State. I have been cultivating that land since 1979, but I cannot reach there now because of the bandits,” lamented Bafarawa.

He recounted how bandits now dictate farming activities in his community, deciding which farms to cultivate and instilling fear among farmers.

The former governor highlighted the significant economic losses incurred, with his maize production halted and his flour mill lying idle due to the insecurity.

“The maize I produced that time is in commercial quantity that I used part of it for my flour mill which is also out of production. The issue of insecurity is behind the high cost of food items because many farmers have been displaced,” he explained.

Bafarawa’s testimony sheds light on the grave consequences of insecurity on agricultural productivity, exacerbating the ongoing food crisis plaguing the country.

According to recent statistics from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, food inflation has soared to 31.70 percent, signaling an urgent need for intervention.

The former governor expressed frustration at the government’s perceived inaction in addressing the looming food insecurity, emphasizing that his warnings had been disregarded.

“There was a time I warned the federal government about the impending food insecurity in the country, but my advice was ignored,” Bafarawa revealed.

In light of the escalating crisis, Bafarawa called for concerted efforts between the federal government, state governments, and local authorities to tackle insecurity effectively.

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