Emirship Tussle: Vacate Kano immediately for peace to reign, Arewa group tells Bayero

On Sunday, May 26, the Arewa Social Contract Initiative urged the deposed emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero, to peacefully depart from the ancient city to restore tranquility.

Bayero, who was removed from his position along with four other first-class emirs following the implementation of a new law, has returned to Kano and is currently residing in the Gidan Nasarawa palace.

This situation, alongside Sanusi’s presence in the main palace, has escalated tensions significantly.

Addressing a press conference in Kano, the national chairman of the Arewa Social Contract Initiative, Alhaji Sani Mahmoud Darma, emphasized that the resolution to the deadlock surrounding the emirate dispute lies in Bayero’s departure from Kano.

Darma stated that after a thorough analysis of the situation, all executives from the 19 northern states of Arewa unanimously agreed that Bayero’s continued presence was exacerbating the issue and advocated for his exit from the city.

Darma said: “It is very unfortunate that after his dethronement, Aminu Ado Bayero accepted the decision and packed all his belongings from the palace and left Kano state, then some people from the top brought him back and claimed his lost position.

“If he feels his dethronement was unlawfully done and he wants to reclaim it, he would have stayed somewhere and pursued it through the court. But coming back to Kano and attempting to occupy the palace is a sign that he wants to cause violence and chaos in Kano.”

He said Bayero should look back and recall history and accept that his ejection came from God and should leave Kano immediately to avoid bloodshed.

He said: “This is unacceptable! It happened to Sanusi and he benefited. When Sanusi was dethroned and he (Bayero) was appointed he accepted everything in good faith and left Kano for Bayero to occupy the palace. Why is he back now that he is the victim? It shows he is still interested in the throne.

“He should congratulate Sanusi and vacate Kano immediately for peace to reign. If he is still interested in the position, he should go and stay in another state while he seeks justice from the court.”

According to Farms, Arewa members are 100 percent behind the new emir (Sanusi), because Governor Abba Yusuf, during his gubernatorial campaign, had promised the Kano people that he was going to bring back Sanusi.

“The people were happy and they voted for him. What the governor has done is just a fulfillment of his promise and the people are happy about the governor’s decision because it is a long-awaited thing. So, we are (Arewa) also happy about Sanusi’s reinstatement, because he was victimized.

“What has happened is purely the decision of the State House of Assembly, the governor, the kingmakers, and the people of the state, after the old law was repealed. So, it is purely a state affair. We were even surprised when the issue of court order came about,” he said.

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