Alexer blasts ex- hubby, Harrysong, calls him ‘bedwetting celebrity’

Alexer Peres, the ex-wife of singer Harrysong, has fired back at him following his allegations of infidelity against her.

Recall that the singer had accused his wife, Alexer, of being unfaithful during their marriage, claiming she became pregnant by another man and that he married her due to emotional blackmail.

He, however, expressed regret over marrying into her family, asserting that infidelity was common among them, citing her mother, who he claimed has been married seven times and continues to cheat.

In response to this, Peres refuted Harrysong’s accusations, clarifying that her mother remarried only once after her father’s death.

She challenged Harrysong to provide evidence of her alleged infidelity.

Additionally, she asserted that it is Harrysong’s mother who had six children with six different men.

Peres, also claimed that Harrysong is a product of incest and suffers from bedwetting.

She shared this via her Instagram page.

“Do you all know that Harrysong bedwets? Yes celebrity wey Dey piss for body.

“Oh so sorry to break it to u all. I also get to deal with this daily, while calling him my lord.

“You said I convinced you to get married to me? A 20 years old girl, convincing a full grown man to get married to her?

“Please make me understand, never knew I was married to a robot, Who couldn’t make decisions for himself. Same you who told me your ex-girlfriend used charms on you.

“And now your eyes are open since u met me So it’s now me that forced marriage on you, really?

“I never knew my mum married 6 husbands wow, chronic narcissist.

“My mum only remarried when she lost her husband, as I speak, she is happily married, with her dowry paid in full.

“Since when did it become a crime for a widow to remarry? And what does the words ’till death do us part’ mean?

“Pained soul why are u trying to project your insecurities on me?

“We all know your mum gave birth to 6 children for 6 different men.
None of which she was married to.

“And you, a product of incest. Imagine having 5 siblings and you don’t know who their fathers are.

“Why throw stones, when you live in a glass house?”

Peres stated she was willing to conduct DNA tests on their children to prove her innocence.

Also, she noted that the singer had transmitted various sexually transmitted diseases to her, except for HIV and Hepatitis B.

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