Actor Uzor Arukwe says role in ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ most challenging

Popular Nollywood star Uzor Arukwe labelled his portrayal in the movie ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ as his toughest role yet.

He noted that playing Chidoke, an Igbo businessman entangled in money laundering, demanded precise execution of Igbo dialect, particularly in pronouncing ‘R’s’ and ‘L’s’.

The actor shared this insight during a recent interaction with his online lovers on X.

A curious fan inquired, “What’s the most demanding role you’ve ever tackled?”

“A Tribe Called Judah because I had to consciously replace the L word with the R word, to make it feel natural & believable,” he said.

However, Funke Akindele, the producer of the record-breaking film, praised his exceptional performance in the movie by quoting his tweet.

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