Viní Jr shines as Brazil beats Paraguay

Vinícius Júnior, known as Viní Jr, was named Man of the Match after scoring two goals in Brazil’s win against Paraguay. His standout performance included two goals, three shots, two key passes, seven dribbles completed, and nine duels won.

Viní Jr’s efforts were key in Brazil’s victory, helping them climb the CONMEBOL standings. After the game, he expressed the team’s goal: “We just want to put Brazil in the position it deserves.”

However, Viní Jr also criticized the playing conditions and refereeing, saying, “It is difficult to play in these stadiums, because of the pitch and the referees are against us, not giving clear fouls. The way CONMEBOL treats us is complicated.”

Despite these challenges, Viní Jr and his teammates showed their skill and determination, giving fans hope for Brazil’s future success.

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