UK PM Sir Keir Starmer reaffirms special relationship with US during meeting with Biden

In a significant display of international solidarity, UK Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer met with US President Joe Biden, asserting that the “special relationship” between the two nations is “stronger now than ever.”

The two leaders’ first face-to-face encounter took place at NATO’s 75th anniversary summit in Washington, shortly before their private discussions in the Oval Office.

Addressing reporters at the White House, Starmer emphasized the enduring bond between the UK and US, stating, “The special relationship is so important. It’s forged in difficult circumstances, endured for so long, and stronger now than ever.”

President Biden reciprocated the sentiment, describing the US and UK as the “best of allies” and calling the UK “the transatlantic knot” that binds NATO together with its European members.

The meeting underscored a renewed commitment to NATO and coincided with discussions on strengthening defense cooperation with EU nations. Starmer confirmed the continuation of the UK’s £3 billion annual military aid to Ukraine, reflecting NATO’s unified support for Kyiv amidst ongoing conflict.

Starmer congratulated Biden on hosting the summit, praising it as “a bigger NATO, a stronger NATO, and a NATO with the resolve that we need.” President Biden shared his optimism, noting, “Things are moving in the right direction, I’m feeling really optimistic.”

In a gesture of goodwill, the Labour leader, a dedicated Arsenal Football Club fan, presented President Biden with a personalized team shirt featuring Biden’s surname and the number 46, symbolizing his position as the 46th US president.

Additionally, Starmer gifted a copy of the Atlantic Charter, the 1941 US-UK declaration that laid the groundwork for NATO, complete with amendments from then-Labour leader Clement Attlee.

The trip also saw Foreign Secretary David Lammy meeting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The pair reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring Ukraine receives necessary economic, security, and humanitarian support, and discussed efforts towards achieving a ceasefire in Gaza to secure hostages’ release and establish durable peace.

New UK Defence Secretary John Healey also met with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin, further cementing the robust defense ties between the two nations.

This visit marks a pivotal moment in reinforcing the UK-US alliance and showcases the strong, collaborative spirit that continues to define their relationship.

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