Traffic chaos as UNIBEN students protesting power outage block Lagos-Benin Expressway

A significant disruption hit the Lagos-Benin Expressway on Wednesday morning as UNIBEN bstudents staged a protest against an ongoing power outage that has severely impacted their lives.

In a bold move, the students blocked the outbound route of the expressway, bringing traffic to a standstill and forcing vehicles to use the inbound route exclusively.

The main gate of the school is completely shut down as the demonstration continues, with no resolution in sight.

Frustration over the prolonged lack of essential services has reached a boiling point for these students, who felt they had no choice but to take drastic action.

Commuters are now experiencing significant delays as traffic is funneled into the single available route.

Authorities have yet to issue a statement on the protest or provide a solution to the students’ demands, leaving the community in a state of uncertainty as the situation unfolds.

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