Sexual allegations: Jack-Rich family reacts, says online reports sponsored, baseless

The Jack-Rich family has reacted to online publications accusing Mrs Elizabeth Jack-Rich of having sexual relationship with Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu.

In a letter to Nigerians, signed by High Chief I.J. Ibiwari on Saturday, the family said the reports were nothing but a fabricated sponsored piece by political scallywags, aimed at injuring the future of Mrs Jack-Rich and her innocent children.

”With honour, we appreciate your understanding, and for detesting the avalanche of the most injuriously preposterous insult melted on the family by political scallywags.

”These bunch of drunks with no employable skills outside political office other than blackmail, have decided to form a coalition of political hostage taking at home and overseas, to pursue their 2027 interest.

”These miscreants’ only vision is to promote their likes, to stay in public office by any means, to continue to feed fat from what we produce as their spend, yet they have no respect for producers and employers of labour.

”Those who understand family as core, detest these type of political charlatans with satanic lifestyle because they have no respect for society with what they say,” the family said in the letter.

It said those behind these attacks are just envious of Mrs Jack-Rich’s giant strides as a young woman.

”This is the climax of political desperation by desperadoes who want to forcefully enter a
house they fought against.

”Their vice style is attack to enter. Now they want to come inside the house by attacking those who are the builders of the house they once fought.

”Nigerians are watching with keenness what will become of this melancholy.
Dr. Elizabeth is a well-groomed Yoruba mother who understands matrimony.

”She is brave, intelligent, beautiful, and an asset anyone cannot object to acquiring. A beautiful mother to many countless
families in her care.”

The family urged the President and Nigerians to watch out for this group of cruel and desperate monsters, who were desperate for power, and so were willing to unleash political mayhem on the ideals of APC.

”A party they once called names and found nothing good in it.

”The public should now be aware that because these interlopers and their cohorts are weaklings with
no value to deliver any public economic good; their only means to power is to launch blackmail on
critical intellectual assets, including the likes of Dr. Elizabeth.”

The family therefore, expressed its unflinching support for Mrs Jack-Rich in the face of any type of attack or provocation.

”Dear Dr. Elizabeth, your husband, and Nigerians stand with you. In the face of this
provocative, baseless, malicious, harmful, and most preposterous allegation with devilish imprint.

”You are an icon of societal good. Your good works are unbeatable, not even those drunks can stand near your achievement even with their loots,” the family concluded.

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