Service to humanity: Musa is doing what Dangote is not doing, Volleyball enthusiast says

Tom Garba 

Service to humanity is one of God’s calls on all as human beings are described as His most valued creatures.

This is what a volleyball Enthusiast, Adamu Karlai said about the President of the Nigerian Volleyball, Engr Musa Nimrod; that he has created a brand of humanitarian services for himself; more than the Nigerian Billionaire and richest business mogul,  Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Karlai, a passionate Adamawa-born volleyball lover who lives in Abuja, said Nimrod has impacted the life of many people in Kaduna and other Northern states.

He said that the Volleyball President is God-fearing and his benevolent gestures of many years of providing portable water in Kaduna communities without wanting his name in print has distinguished him as a man who is truly sent by God to serve humanity.

Karlai said he has witnessed how the Adamawa sportsman and critical stakeholder has trained hundreds of youths in various sporting activities, who today are making Nigeria proud in other countries. 

He said Nigeria is in dire need of people like Nimrod, who is detribalised and sees all human beings as equal, irrespective of tribe, religion, or even place of origin. 

According to him, Nimrod is a Christian and most of his close associates are Muslims, and those he empowered are youths, mostly from Northern Nigeria.

He extolled Nimrod as a man with a big heart and a bold mind to serve humanity with the little resources he has.  A virtue he said is more than that of Dangote, who is only known as the richest man in Africa; not the richest humanist.

“This man is our Dangote, he makes himself available to the common man. He is a passionate philanthropist, who is all the time ready to help the downtrodden in our society. 

“He endeared himself to many by his hatred of injustice, especially when it is being meted to the less privileged. He is a multi-billion dollar man in kind and character and has hundreds of youth as his mentees. May God Almighty bless him,” Karlai said.

He revealed that Nimrod has opened a foundation with the aim and vision to cater to the need of youths, especially those from the Northern part of the country and with less privileged background. 

While praying for Musa Nimrod to live a fulfilled life to eternity where God will pay him better for the many sacrifices he has rendered to mankind, he called on well-to-do Nigerians to copy the exemplary lifestyle of Musa, who is only after humanity; not after religion or tribe before offering support to anyone in dire need.

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