Portable assaulted over alleged failure to perform at paid gig

In a shocking incident, controversial artiste Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, was physically assaulted in his home on Monday morning. The attackers accused him of failing to fulfill his commitment to perform at a paid event.

Portable took to Instagram to share videos of the altercation, showcasing a group of men confronting him in his residence. The heated exchange revolved around the payment Portable received and the terms of their agreement.

In one of the videos, the assailants questioned him about the money paid, while Portable defended himself by claiming that the organizers had not met some of the agreed-upon terms.

The artist later posted another video, explaining that the altercation stemmed from an increase in his performance fees.

He expressed frustration, saying, “They want to use me to shine, they want to fight their helper. If it’s easy, why don’t they feature Wizkid or Davido? They were like 30 or 40 men, I no fit count but them run as my manager come with the police.”

Portable further revealed that the situation escalated to physical violence, resulting in a visit to the hospital for treatment of a broken leg. He emphasized the severity of the attack, lamenting the assault he endured.

The incident highlights the challenges and risks faced by artists in the entertainment industry, shedding light on the pressure and disagreements that can arise in contractual agreements for performances.

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