Peter Obi’s only presidential chance is 2039 —Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a former spokesman for the defunct Atiku-Okowa Presidential Campaign Council, has predicted that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, will have to wait until 2039 for his chance to become Nigeria’s president.

Bwala shared his views in a statement on his X (formerly Twitter) handle on Monday.

According to Bwala, the current political landscape indicates that President Bola Tinubu will likely complete two terms in office. Following Tinubu’s tenure, power is expected to shift back to the north for another eight years, aligning with Nigeria’s traditional rotational presidency practice.

Bwala stated, “@PeterObi only stands the chance to be Nigerian president from 2039 when he will clock 79, or above 79 years.

“By then his message would no longer be “vote me because I am the younger of the candidates” but it will be “vote me because age doesn’t matter but capacity.”

“The reason is @officialABAT will finish his two terms, then power would come to the north for another 8 years, before it goes to the south.

“The e-rodents who keep shouting “we are the youth” by then would be saying “we are the elders”. Blessed week ahead.”

This timeline underscores the significant wait and the political dynamics that could shape Nigeria’s leadership in the coming years. Peter Obi, known for his strong following and impactful campaign, may have to bide his time amid the country’s intricate power-sharing arrangements.

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