NDDC managing director calls for positive contributions from Niger Delta stakeholders

Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), addressed the press during a world press conference held in Port Harcourt.

Ogbuku, accompanied by other executive directors of the NDDC, emphasized the importance of collaboration from the people of the Niger Delta region and critical stakeholders in the development of the area.

“The world press conference aims to call on the people of the Niger Delta region and critical stakeholders to play their part by providing positive ideas on issues affecting the region,” Ogbuku stated on his arrival at the venue.

The conference centered around the upcoming Niger Delta Stakeholders Summit, themed “Renewed Hope for Sustainable Development of the Niger Delta Region.”

Ogbuku stressed that the resolutions from this summit would be pivotal in shaping policies and programs designed to positively impact the people of this oil-rich region.

He highlighted the need for collective efforts and innovative ideas to drive sustainable development, urging stakeholders to contribute actively to the dialogue.

The NDDC plans to use the insights gathered from the summit to implement strategies that would address the region’s challenges and harness its potential for growth and prosperity.

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