N423bn Fraud: Kaduna Assembly reaffirms indictment of El-Rufai

In a bold and unwavering stance, the Kaduna State House of Assembly has reaffirmed its report indicting former Governor Nasir el-Rufai for the alleged diversion of N423,115,028,072.88.

The Assembly has dismissed attempts by a group of former political appointees to discredit the report and cover up the alleged fraud.

In a statement released by Henry Magaji, the Chairman of the Fact-Finding Committee and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, he said, “The attention of the Kaduna State House of Assembly has been drawn to a press conference addressed by some senior political appointees of the immediate past administration of Malam Nasir El-Rufai.

“In the press conference, the former political appointees made strenuous efforts to pick holes in the report of the Probe Committee. They resorted to name calling and wild allegations on the motivations for the House Probe.”

Magaji continued, “We wish to state as follows: The press conference was just a rehash of the vituperations and innuendoes heaped on us by the former political appointees in their first press briefing. There was nothing new that should warrant our response. They failed to address the main issue, which is the systematic and coordinated cornering of the resources of Kaduna State through phoney contracts and outright looting.”

The Assembly made it clear that the former political appointees who addressed the press briefing in Abuja were acting out of desperation and represented no one but themselves.

“If they genuinely have the interest of Kaduna State and are truly men and women of integrity, they would have applied themselves to developing the state instead of participating in the alleged pilfering of its scarce resources,” the statement asserted.

This firm stance by the Kaduna State House of Assembly highlights the ongoing struggle to hold former officials accountable for alleged financial misconduct.

As the investigation continues, the Assembly remains resolute in its commitment to uncovering the truth and ensuring justice for the people of Kaduna State.

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