May Day: Better days ahead, Tinubu assures Nigerian workers

President Bola Tinubu has assured the Nigerian workers that their days of worrying are over.

Tinubu, represented by Vice-President Kashim Shettima, gave the assurance while delivering his speech at the 2024 May Day celebration, held on Wednesday, at Eagle Square, Abuja.

He appealed to trade unions to continue to use the power of the labour movement for the greater good of the nation and to foster harmony and cooperation.

“I stand before you to tell a fundamental truth: you, the workers of our great nation, are its very backbone. But I’m not here merely to echo familiar praises of the labour force.”

Tinubu acknowledged the understanding, patience, commitment, and support trade unions have shown throughout the implementation of government’s policies and programmes aimed at transforming the nation.

He said: “Your contributions have played a significant role in our efforts to rescue the economy since we came on board.

“So, I call upon each and every one of you, as I have consistently done, to join hands in shaping the destiny of our nation towards greatness.

“Our allegiance and patriotism are the bedrock upon which our beloved country thrives.

“The success of our government’s policies and programmes hinges on the willingness of the workers, as the backbone of our workforce, to embrace them wholeheartedly.”

He said that the theme “People First” for this year’s May Day celebration is both instructive and commendable.

The President said the theme resonates with the government’s agenda and demonstrated that the working class holds a central position in the affairs of this nation.

He said that it also reflected the commitment of Organised Labour to collaborate with the government for the benefit of all citizens.

Tinubu said his administration took power at the time many nations, including Nigeria, were experiencing daunting socio-political and developmental challenges.

“You will recall that on January 30th, 2024, the Federal Government convened a 37-member Tripartite Committee on Minimum Wage.

“The committee’s mandate was to provide counsel and suggest a national minimum wage that aligns with our current economic conditions.

“Since then, the committee, in collaboration with labour leaders, has been diligently working towards proposing a new National Minimum Wage.

“Unfortunately, despite concerted efforts, the committee was unable to reach a consensus at its last meeting. This shall be resolved soon and I assure you that your days of worrying are over.”

The President assured that his administration was open to the committee’s suggestion of not just a minimum wage but a living wage.

“Great Nigerian Workers, we cannot achieve a just and equitable society that caters to the needs of every member, including the strong and the weak, without fostering peace and unity.

“Our shared vision for national growth and development can only be realised in an atmosphere of industrial harmony and peaceful coexistence in every segment of our country.

“The dividends we have promised the nation, and which you work tirelessly to ensure, can only be achieved when we all unite for progress.

“On this momentous day, I urge you and all our fellow citizens to place your trust in this administration.

“The seeds of greatness planted in our nation are beginning to bear fruit, and they promise a future filled with hope and bound by prosperity.”

He said that every initiative undertaken by the administration was geared towards transforming Nigeria into a nation that can truly provide for its people.


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