Man sentenced in UK for removing condom without consent

In a landmark legal case, a UK court has sentenced Guy Mukendi, 39, to four years and three months in prison for removing a condom without consent during sexual intercourse.

The sentencing marks a significant moment, described by London’s Metropolitan Police as a “milestone” in addressing sexual assault cases involving non-consensual condom removal.

Mukendi, a resident of south London, was arrested in May last year following a report of sexual assault by a young woman in Brixton, south London.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the victim had consented to intercourse with Mukendi under the condition that he used a condom. However, during the act, Mukendi secretly removed the condom without her knowledge.

Under English and Welsh law, non-consensual condom removal, often referred to as “stealthing,” is classified as rape.

The Metropolitan Police emphasized the rarity of such prosecutions due to under-reporting but stressed their commitment to pursuing justice for victims.

“This milestone case comes as the Met continues its pledge to be more suspect-focused in their approach to crimes that disproportionately affect women and girls,” the force stated in a release detailing the prosecution.

Mukendi was found guilty on April 2 at Inner London Crown Court and subsequently sentenced on Thursday at the same court. Detective Constable Jack Earl, who led the investigation, highlighted the diligent efforts of law enforcement in building a compelling case against Mukendi.

“Throughout this investigation, Mukendi denied any wrongdoing — but our officers built a compelling case against him to leave no doubt in the jury’s mind,” said Detective Constable Earl. “We were dedicated to securing justice for the victim and will continue to raise awareness that this crime is a form of rape.”

The case has sparked discussions about consent and sexual rights, underscoring the legal and ethical dimensions surrounding sexual conduct in intimate relationships.

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