Lionel Messi scores as Argentina advances to copa america final with 2-0 victory over Canada

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In a thrilling Copa America semi-final, Lionel Messi finally found the back of the net, helping Argentina secure a 2-0 victory over Canada and advance to the final.

Julian Alvarez opened the scoring in the 22nd minute, giving the defending champions an early lead.

Argentina dominated the first half, showcasing their superior ball control and attacking prowess.

Despite Argentina’s dominance, Canada fought hard to find an equalizer, pressing high and creating a few chances. However, their efforts were in vain.

The second half saw Lionel Messi score a crucial goal in the 51st minute, effectively sealing the victory for Argentina. Messi’s goal not only provided a comfortable lead but also marked a significant moment in his Copa America campaign.

With this win, Argentina is set to face their final opponents, carrying the momentum of their impressive performance against Canada. The Argentine squad will be looking to defend their title with another stellar display in the final.

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