Linda Ikeji urges young women: ‘Being rich isn’t just for men – you can achieve wealth too!’

Popular media personality Linda Ikeji has encouraged young women to pursue financial independence rather than depending on men for financial support.

She emphasized that wealth is not exclusive to men.

Linda shared that she prefers striving for financial freedom over relying on a man.

Via her Instagram page, she wrote: “Dear young lady, I hear you! If that’s how you see life and want to live life, it’s your choice! To each his own. As for me, I’d rather be as rich as those men who must pay me for being beautiful. Being rich is not the birthright of men alone. I’d rather be their contemporary than waiting for their handouts.

“I know many believe it’s a man’s world; maybe it is, but with fearlessness, strength, determination, and grace, women can dominate and thrive in it. So, instead of waiting for men’s charity, I’d rather start early to fight for my dreams, build my business(es), break boundaries, and if God allows, shatter tables.”

The mother of one advised women to aim to be as wealthy as their spouses, or even wealthier if possible.

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