Labour challenges governors over minimum wage impasse

Organised Labour has confronted state governors, accusing them of acting in bad faith regarding ongoing negotiations for a new minimum wage in Nigeria.

This comes after the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) rejected the proposed N60,000 minimum wage for Nigerian workers, citing concerns about sustainability and resource allocation.

In response to the NGF’s stance, Labour emphasized the importance of implementing every part of the new minimum wage agreement and called for the resignation of any governor unable to meet the requirement.

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) denounced the governors’ position, describing it as “in bad taste” and highlighting the increase in FAAC allocations from N700bn to N1.2tn, making governments richer at the expense of the people.

Benson Upah, Head of Public Affairs for the NLC, stated, “All that the governors need to do to be able to pay a reasonable national minimum wage (not even the N60,000) is cut on the high cost of governance, minimize corruption as well as prioritize the welfare of workers.”

The impasse between Labour and governors underscores the urgency of resolving the minimum wage issue to ensure fair compensation for Nigerian workers and prevent further discord.

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