How LG chairman was beaten to stupor in Niger over unpaid debt

In a shocking incident in Minna, the Chairman of Katcha Local Government Area in Niger State, Danlamin Abdullahi Saku, was brutally assaulted by unidentified youths over an outstanding debt of N1.3 million.

The altercation unfolded when Saku allegedly borrowed the sum from a local elder over a year ago but failed to settle the debt despite repeated demands.

Matters escalated on Sunday when Saku reportedly slapped one of the youths sent by the creditor to demand repayment.

In retaliation, the enraged youths regrouped and launched a vicious assault on the chairman, leaving him severely injured and unconscious.

Saku was promptly rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention, where he is currently recuperating.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting simmering tensions over financial obligations and raising concerns about security and governance in the local area.

Authorities are expected to investigate the assault while efforts are being made to stabilize the situation in Katcha.

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