How LASTMA arrested three ‘one chance’ robbers in Abule-Egba

In a significant breakthrough, officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) have successfully apprehended three notorious ‘one chance’ robbers in Abule-Egba. The incident, which unfolded at the U-turn area of Abule-Egba, was reported on LASTMA’s official X page on Thursday, January 4.

Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of LASTMA’s Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department, confirmed the arrest of the suspects and disclosed that LASTMA personnel, while controlling and managing traffic in the Abule-Egba axis, intercepted the culprits and their operational vehicle, a ‘T4’ commercial bus with the registration number APP 406 YE.

The arrest followed a dramatic chase initiated by members of the public who had witnessed the robbers pushing a recently victimized passenger out of their bus. Determined to apprehend the criminals, the public pursued them, prompting a reckless escape attempt by the suspects.

The LASTMA officials on duty displayed commendable efficiency in managing the situation and successfully capturing the ‘one chance’ robbers.

The General Manager of LASTMA, Bakare Oki Olalekan, commended the efforts of the personnel involved in the operation.

While announcing the arrest, Olalekan also took the opportunity to appeal to the public, especially commuters, to exercise vigilance and avoid boarding commercial buses by the roadside, a practice locally known as ‘So-le.’

This cautionary advice aims to enhance the safety of commuters and prevent falling victim to criminal activities often associated with ‘one chance’ robbery operations.

The successful intervention by LASTMA demonstrates the agency’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of commuters on Lagos roads, and the call for increased public awareness serves as a reminder for individuals to prioritize safety measures when engaging in public transportation.

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