How Ganduje, wife mocked Maryam Shetty

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdullahi Ganduje, has challenged his opponents to continue their disparaging comments against his wife over the drama that trailed the replacement of one of the ministerial-nominees from Kano.

Daily Trust reports that a high-powered politicking had seen Ganduje triumph in replacing the name of Maryam Shetty with that of his preferred candidate, Mariya Mahmoud Bunkure, a friend of his daughter, Amina.

In a viral video that emerged barely 24 hours after the dramatic turn of event, Ganduje could be seen with his wife, Hafsat, and the new ministerial nominee, Bunkure and other women laughing at the mention of the name of Maryam Shetty.

In what seems to be a thank you visit to Ganduje and family, a woman whose face was not captured could be heard saying in Hausa language that “the head has now fit the cap”.

“When we heard that they brought one Maryam, Maryam who?”, to which another voice replied “Shetty”.

At this point, Bunkure, Hafsat Ganduje (popularly referred to as Gwaggo) and Ganduje could all be seen laughing.

“I said who is Shetty? We were confused, I said from where is she from? They said Kano,” the first speaker continued.

In the second video, Ganduje, who was apparently responding could be heard saying “I want them to call out Gwaggo again. They have opened a new chapter of ignorance. We are thankful this one (referring to Bunkure) has joined the caucus.”

Bunkure is a former commissioner for Higher Education during Ganduje’s second term as Kano state governor.

She is also a close associate to the Ganduje family being a friend to Amina, one of Ganduje’s daughter, who was believed to have influenced her nomination as commissioner.

Shetty and Bunkure were classmates at Kano Foundation and later at the University, Bayero University, shared faculty of Medical Sciences and then shared some courses.

The duo also shared group of friends while at the Junior Secondary school and at the University, having been in the same faculty. Shetty read Physiotherapy while Bunkure read Medicine and Surgery.
(Daily Trust)

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