God can never come too late! This is a season of tears, not of weeping, but of joy for Ifewara, Osun State-born, Ven Dr Joshua Bolarinwa Oluitan, an Anglican Church priest serving in Okitipupa, Ondo State.

Oluitan, an Archdeacon and Vicar in charge of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Okitipupa, serves God with vigour inspite of his daunting challenge spanning two whole decades. He has a PhD from the University of Ibadan.

After an endless wait to have a child, 20 years after his marriage to former Miss Mary Olufunke Aboderin, also from Ifewara, God finally came through last Wednesday
April 5, 2023, with a bundle of joy for the family, a bouncing baby girl.

Ven Oluitan is currently 52 while his wife is 50. What a great miracle! A member of the church back home, Mr Ayo Arowojolu, a media professional attests to the unflinching service of the lucky couple in the Vineyard of God: “I have known both of them since like 15 years now. You will never notice any sorrow or downcast mood around them as they keep serving the Lord joyfully without looking back. Ven Oluitan and his wife are good role models to countless other people who have found themselves in this harrowing situation. But God is a rewarder of those who diligently wait for Him to act”.

Anglican Priest Whose Wife Delivered Bouncing Baby Girl After 20 Years Of Barrenness Speaks

Definitely I will say I can’t explain how I was able to cope with being childless after 20 years of marriage. When I look back, I know it has always been God. God is a Comforter. Being humans, no matter how spiritual we are, there were times when I will think aloud to say things like “God, I have dedicated people’s children and yet I can not even have a child of my own”. Since we got married, I have dedicated many children. But many times when those kind of valley thoughts came to me, I quickly drew inspiration from Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were also in the ministry and they will have the added challenges. They were children of God and both serving the Lord diligently. But they were barren for no fault of theirs. I consider the number of years they were in this barrenness situation and especially their old age until finally the Lord answered them.

“The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth has kept me going. But once in a while, this thought also come as to why some morally lose ladies get pregnant immediately after marriage.

“This exactly is reason why many people don’t go into marriage unless the bride to be get pregnant.

“I remember my dad told me before our marriage that I should make sure that my wife to be gets pregnant before I got married but I quickly responded: “that cannot happen. Not even possible at all. Me that is a priest? I told my dad who is now late frankly the same words that came out from the mouth of Joseph…I cannot do this wickedness and sin against God. It is good to have the fear of God rather than relying on human wisdom.

“For me and my wife, this has always been our consolation. The scriptures say no one shall be barren in my house. This scripture I always claim it because in the first place, I am a child of God and secondly, I am a servant of God and thirdly, I serve in his house as a priest. So, God as a sovereign Lord is a rewarder. I have always believed I will never die childless. So, I believe that I will have children one day just that I don’t know when They will come. And this current season, the Lord has done it. Glory be to God. It was in August last year when we went for a test at the medical laboratory and she tested positive. My wife became pregnant for the first time in 19 years.


“For me, what is more important is to always do the will of God and to obey God. I am aware that in these days of technology, people go after the easy way out. But it is a great thing to see the reward of fully trusting in God. For me, what I prefer is to fully wait on God to get a perfect result. Remember the bible says…They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. God cannot be compared with technology and don’t forget that technology isn’t perfect. It fails many times but God cannot fail.

“On the issue of modern day technology. One thing I believe is missing generally is the inability of many to directly access revelation from God for their particular situation. Everybody goes into it. We have had cases where people spend millions of naira without any results.”

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