Edo govt demands return of 22 official vehicles from ex-Deputy Gov Shaibu

The Edo State government has issued a public notice demanding the immediate return of 22 official government vehicles currently held by former Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu.

This directive comes with a strict deadline for compliance, as outlined in a statement signed by Chris Osa Nehikhare, Hon. Commissioner of Communication and Orientation.

“The former Deputy Governor is given a seven-day ultimatum from today to return the vehicles,” stated Commissioner Nehikhare.

He stressed that non-compliance would result in action from relevant security agencies to retrieve the vehicles.

The list of vehicles to be returned includes various models such as the 2021 model Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado Jeep, Toyota Hilux Van, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Sienna, Jin Bei Hiase, Mitsubishi Pajero, and an armored Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep. Each vehicle is identified with specific VIN numbers and details regarding their condition (brand new or pre-owned).

“These vehicles are essential for government operations, and their prompt return is crucial,” Commissioner Nehikhare emphasized.

He urged the cooperation of all stakeholders to ensure the vehicles are retrieved and returned to official use without delay.

Philip Shaibu was impeached in April by the State House of Assembly, marking the end of a prolonged conflict with Governor Godwin Obaseki.

The impeachment occurred during a plenary session in Benin City, following months of strained relations between the two leaders.

The decision followed an investigation by a seven-man committee appointed by Chief Judge Justice Daniel Okungbowa. The committee examined allegations of misconduct against Shaibu and found him not guilty of perjury but culpable for disclosing government secrets, recommending his impeachment on those grounds.

With 18 out of 19 members voting in favor, surpassing the required two-thirds majority, the Assembly approved the recommendation and subsequently impeached Shaibu.

Speaker Agbebaku instructed Clerk Yahaya Omogbai to deliver the impeachment notice to Governor Obaseki for final approval.

Meanwhile, Shaibu, who has contested the impeachment in court, condemned it as an assault on democracy.

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