Asue Ighodalo’s Exemplary Lifestyle

Toffa Momoh

“What is given to you is given to share, not to keep.” Asue Ighodalo, was once quoted to have said, while addressing a gathering at a function, way back in his hometown.

He, (Asue), was further quoted to have said: “For many years, I’ve had an inclination that I am meant to help others shine their light in a bigger way. I have had a feeling of seeing myself walking through the dark, carrying a torch high, and inviting others who were also lost to join me, so that the light of the torch can give us hope as we navigate the way together.”

The man, Asue has used several symposiums to advocate for an exemplary lifestyle that leaves positive impacts on others, and contribute to their wellbeing all the time.

Asue is a beacon of hope. His exemplary life and unassuming personality have brought succour to his household and great relief to those outside his domain. He is a source of light and inspiration.

Asue has demonstrated exemplary gestures in most of his dealings with people, who often described him as a person who shines his light, and, in turn, inspires, guides, and brings hope to others.

A man called Asue has always underscores the virtue of giving to assist others. He once said in one of his interactions:

“Every single day, we have endless opportunities to be a beacon. We are being a beacon every time we get through a challenging conversation. We are being a beacon every time we stretch ourselves and speak our truth. We are being a beacon every time we take off the mask and allow ourselves to be real. We are being a beacon every time we smile, we love, we accept, we connect. We are being a beacon every time we allow ourselves to be human and therefore imperfect. Then we become source of succour and illumination. Your light shows others the way. Keep it shining and remember that regardless of what you do, every time you are being YOU, you are a beacon, you are a light.”

Asue is now in the process of engendering the needed change, for he has proven to be an agent of change and an icon of hope. He is currently on a mission to serve as a beacon of change. He is on a mission to create an enabling society for women and children, where the vulnerable persons are given the right care and attention they deserve. He envisages a productive dispensation where everyone is better positioned to gain fully the dividend of democracy.

Asue has been happily married to his beloved wife with children and living happily in unison. His family life, obviously, singled him out as a man of integrity.

Suffice here to safely assure that Asue is not to be doubted when we reminisce on his promise of creating “a pathway to prosperity for all,” -a prosperous Edo State where socio- economic advancement and the welfare of the Edolites become the core priority of Government.

Through his exemplary lifestyle, which profoundly exemplified utter dedication to selfless service to humanity; the people of Edo State can entrust their confidence on Asue, as a man who is truly bent on upholding the crucial role of the religious and traditional institutions, the elderly and other crucial stakeholders in nurturing the spiritual and moral well-being of the state.

His goodwill and integrity, no doubt, gives one the fortitude to trust him on a mission to alleviate the sufferings of the Edolites, and creating turning points, using challenges as opportunities, bringing purpose to pain and navigating a process of change while being the beacon of the needed change that the good people of Edo State have longed for over the years.

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