Akwa Ibom to commercialize government private jet for cost reduction

The Akwa Ibom State government has resolved to repurpose its private jet for commercial use as part of efforts to curtail the escalating costs of governance.

This decision, disclosed by the Commissioner for Information, Mr. Ini Ememobong, comes in the wake of the country’s volatile exchange rate and the subsequent increase in the maintenance cost of the state’s official private jet.

Ememobong stated, “Council granted permission for the office of the Secretary to the State Government to undertake a cost reduction management structure for Akwa Ibom’s official private jet. While the aircraft will remain the state’s asset, it will be put to more lucrative use.”

This move signifies a strategic shift to optimize state resources and explore revenue-generating opportunities in the face of economic challenges.

The decision was reached during the State Executive Council (SEC) meeting held on Monday.

In addition to the commercialization of the government jet, the Council received updates on various initiatives, including the progress of the Akwa Ibom State Social Register, which now boasts a total of 671,410 entries.

The collaboration between the state government and local government councils to engage vulnerable persons was also highlighted, reflecting a commitment to social welfare.

The Council further deliberated on the proposed dialysis and renal centers, emphasizing the need for detailed reports to facilitate swift project approval.

Additionally, a report was presented on the Akwa Ibom-United Kingdom Education Exchange Programme, wherein students from rural secondary schools across the state participated in examinations, and successful candidates are set to benefit from a unique educational experience.

On the infrastructure front, the Council ratified recommendations from the Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC), approving the release of funds for additional works at the airport and ongoing road projects within the state.

The decisions collectively underscore the government’s multifaceted approach to governance, encompassing fiscal responsibility, social welfare, education, and critical infrastructure development.

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